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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eight Tips for Weight Loss

8) View weight loss as a lifelong process. Most people (including me) struggle with the yo-yo. Don’t beat yourself up over it!

7) Instead of looking back with shame and guilt at how you’ve let yourself go, look forward with enthusiasm at where you want to be.

6) There are many effective approaches to weight loss. If you try something and it doesn’t work, try something different!

5) Most people say the last ten pounds are the hardest to lose. I couldn’t disagree more. The first ten are the real battle. It becomes easier as your goal gets closer.

4) Don’t use the holidays as an excuse to wait to start your weight loss efforts! If you don’t try now you’ll probably be three or four pounds heavier on January 1st!

3) Don’t use your kids as an excuse to keep your favorite snack foods around the house! My daughter Sophia likes goldfish crackers as much as she likes potato chips. But I don’t. So I buy the goldfish crackers.

2) Don’t be afraid to try something new, even if it sounds crazy. What your doing isn’t working, so what do you have to lose?

1) It’s not a problem when you fall off the wagon. It only becomes a problem when you stop trying to get back on!

Boot Camp

Our new Boot Camp program is a fast paced and fun workout consisting of unique interval cardio segments alternated with free weights, kettlebells, and body-weight only exercises. Workouts are specifically designed to not only burn calories but also to create hormonal changes in the body that will increase your metabolism for up to 72 hours after each workout!

Last night our workout was particularly fun with many of the gyms most enjoyable exercises:

A)  DB Push Press - Ten seconds of as many reps as possible. Five sets with ten seconds rest between sets. Targets your shoulders and triceps and gets your heart rate up.
B)  Speed Hammer Curls - Ten seconds of as many reps as possible. Five sets with ten seconds rest between sets. Tones the muscles of the upper arm.
C)  Sled Intervals - Sled sprint alternated with a backwards sled drag. Three rounds, resting while your partner works.
Burn fat while frying the front of your thighs

D)  Assisted Pull-ups - Two sets of 10-15 reps alternated with the Prowler. No better exercise in the world for your upper back, shoulders, and biceps.
E)  Assisted Dips - One set of 10-15 reps alternated with the Prowler. A great exercise to firm up the back of your arms.
F)  The Prowler - Everyone favorite cardio interval! Sixty yard shuttle runs alternated with dips and pull-ups.
Jack up your metabolism while working your glutes and thighs

G)  Ab Circuit - Super slow straight leg sit-ups, high tension iso-metric ab holds, plank push-ups, vacuums, plank, & bicycles in a circuit to both strengthen your core and define your mid-section.