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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Your "To Do" List When You're Fighting Temptation

We all battle temptation sometimes. And
having a plan to strengthen your willpower
when you're struggling can go a long way
towards helping you achieve your goals.

So the next time you are battling with the
snooze button of fighting an internal war
with that piece of chocolate cake do these
three things:

1) Stop focusing on the problem

Whatever your mind focuses on grows. If
you are feeling hungry or tempted by food,
and you continue to focus on those feels,
they will eventually become the only thing
on your mind.

Instead of thinking about why you need to
give in, try thinking about why you need to

Instead of obsessing about how hungry you
are and how one or two chips won't hurt you..

Think about how you CAN'T just have "one or
two" because most of the time "one or two"
turns into the half the bag!

The mind is very powerful - so instead of using
it to justify your failures use it to strengthen your


2) Willpower is a muscle

Willpower is a muscle and every time you resist
temptation you make it stronger. Each victory,
no matter how small, makes it easier to do the
right thing next time.

Every lapse in motivation we overcome, every
temptation we resist, will make us stronger in the
long run.

3) Get real with yourself

Did you think this was going to be easy? Because
I hate to burst your bubble but nothing worth doing

Instead of quitting your diet, quit fooling yourself!
Success is about HARD WORK - plain and simple.

So quit thinking this was going to be a "piece
of cake" and get real with yourself!

Now throw out that cookie and give me 20 Burpees! cheeky

Till next time...