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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Top Five Fat Loss Supplements

Top Five Fat Loss Supplements

1) Fish oil should be taken with every meal. I recommend two brands:

Carlson’s “The Very Finest Fish Oil” - This is the most economical options. It is available online at or at the Vitamin Shoppe at Wake Forest Road and Six Forks or in briar creek. If you go to the Vitamin Shoppe, make sure to tell them you saw it cheaper on their web site, they will honor the lower price if you ask.

Metagenics EPA-DHA Liquid - This product is much more expensive, but it is also more purified and concentrated. Each teaspoon has twice as much Omega 3 fatty acids as the Carlson’s product, so you don’t need to take as much. If you have trouble swallowing two to three tablespoons of oil with each meal, this product is for you. 

2) Coconut Oil - I recommend having one to two tablespoons melted in warm water before every meal. This amount can be reduced if you are cooking with coconut oil or coconut milk. Nutriva makes an awesome affordable coconut oil that is available at the Vitamin Shoppe.

3) Magnesium Glycinate – Low magnesium levels have been linked to an increased risk of diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure. Experts estimate that up to 80% of the US adult population does not have adequate amounts of magnesium in their body. Although widely present in our typical food supply, magnesium absorption is negatively impacted by calcium intake and antacids. Alcohol, caffeine, and many medications such as diuretics for blood pressure control increase the body’s magnesium requirements. This highly bio-available form of magnesium is patented and can be found in a few brands, including “Doctor’s Best” and “Metagenics.” It should be taken before bed without any calcium containing foods or supplements. 

4) Multi-vitamin/mineral formulations – A good multi-vitamin is a great nutritional insurance policy. The best brands are Metagenics, Life Extension Foundation, and the Garden of Life Vitamin Code line.

5) Fenugreek Plus – This is a blood sugar and triglyceride control formula made by Metagenics. If your fasting blood sugar is above 90, or if you have been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome or type 2 diabetes, take two capsules with every meal.

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