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Sunday, October 13, 2013

What to do when you feel like quitting...

Everyone feels like quitting sometimes...
And I’m no different.

Just the other day I was talking with Michelle
about exactly that…
Disgruntled employees, 3:45 AM alarms,
7 PM Bootcamps…it can wear me out.
Sometimes I just want to quit and get a
regular job…
But then I logged into Facebook and saw
this post from one of you:
“I'm a firm believer in the work you all do! These
classes have been tough, exhausting, and at times,
painful. All of that plus i really have fun! That
means - it works!!! Thank you!!”

And then I got it... IT’S NOT ABOUT ME!

Weather you realize it or not, your hard work
is inspiring others to do their best.

And when you realize that, you’ll be energized.
Tia has inspired so many of us (me included!)
by chronicling her weight loss journey on
In turn, she is inspired by Carol who is proving
to everyone that age is no excuse...
(not that I’m sayin’ you’re old Carol ;-))
And just a few days ago Susan posted a message
about how she was going to forgo the cupcake
she wanted and just go to bed.
That post helped me to just go to bed instead of
finishing the beer I’d just opened ;-))
So while you keep fighting towards what is really
important, remember your efforts are not only helping
you…they are inspiring others!
There is another lesson to be learned here as well:
EVERYONE thinks of quitting sometimes.
Abraham Lincoln considered quitting politics all
together after numerous lost elections.
Lucky for all of us he didn’t.
Whatever your goal…whatever your motivations…
real defeat only happens when you quit.
And every set back, every momentary loss of
motivation only makes us stronger.
No matter what obstacle has gotten you down, no
matter how seemingly insurmountable the challenges
in your way are, and no matter how frustrated you
might be at the pace of your progress - remember
that you are not alone.

Do the work – not just for yourself but for all of us!

See You All Tomorrow!


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I'll Show You Mine If You'll Show Me Yours...

I have some homework for you...

I want you to sit down in a quiet place
with a pen and paper and do some serious
soul searching.

I want you to REALLY think about why
you are doing this...

Why are you working so hard in bootcamp?

Why you are eating hard boiled eggs or a
protein shake for breakfast instead of having
a Latte and a Pumpkin Spice muffin?

And then write it down and show it to me.

But I don't want to see any cheap answers
like "I want to look good" or "I want to lose
20 pounds."

Don't get me wrong...there's nothing wrong
with working out to look good. But I need
you to dig deeper...

I need you to peel the onion to get to the
REAL reasons why these things are important.

When you identify your deeper motivations
it becomes MUCH easier to resist temptation.

If the choice is "I want to lose weight" versus
"I want some of that delicious chocolate cake"
most of us will pick the cake every time...

But if you know you want to lose weight
because your doc told you have type II
diabetes and that if you don't get your blood
sugar down...

Then you're no longer choosing between
"chocolate cake" and "losing weight" but
rather "chocolate cake" and "curing my
diabetes so I can see my kids get married."

And the choice becomes MUCH easier.

But the real key is to be honest with yourself...

Because if you're not the things you write
down won't mean anything and won't help.

So if you want to look GREAT because you're
going to a wedding and you know your ex
is going to be there....

And you want him or her to know exactly what
they are missing out on....

That's cool - use it as motivation!

I won't judge you ;-))

OK...I said I'd show you mine ;-))

1) I want to be around for my daughter Sophia
for as long as I can be. I know I can't control
everything...but I also know losing another 30
pounds will extend my expected life span and
decrease my risk of nearly every disease known
to man.

I need to hang around to scare off all the boys
in a few years!
(Bench pressing 400 pounds won't
hurt either)

2) I want to be a better role model for my clients.
I am sick of just "talking the talk" and feel like
I need to also "walk the walk" if I want to help
more people achieve their goals.

I want to be a positive role model to the awesome
people like Mimi who pay me good money to help
them reach their goals!

There it it's your turn!

Talk soon...